First joint OSCT-DCC event: "Shaping Open Science”

The Open Science Community Twente (OSCT) and the Digital Competence Centre (DCC) invite you to the first joint OSCT-DCC event "Shaping Open Science" on the 23rd of February from 15:00 - 17:00 at the Amphitheater, Vrijhof.

During the first hour of this event, we will inform you about the national Open Science movement and how Open Science will shape the landscape of research and education in the future. The second hour is reserved for networking drinks. More details about the event will follow soon.

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Stronger together: Fostering collaboration between the University of Twente’s Digital Competence Center, the Open Science Community Twente, & 4TU.ResearchData

In 2022, the University of Twente’s Digital Competence Center (UT DCC), the Open Science Community Twente (OSCT) and 4TU.ResearchData are joining forces to co-organise events and thematic sessions for researchers, lecturers, and support staff in their shared journey towards open science. 

As we navigate the transition from ’science 1.0 to science 2.0’, it’s true to say that open science is no longer a niche endeavour. Funders, policy makers, institutions, and journals worldwide are increasingly demanding researchers to adopt open research practices. Moreover, there are an overwhelming number of open science initiatives being developed and communicated via online events to inform and inspire researchers, lecturers, and support staff. Collectively, this can place a burden of choice on them...

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Why we care about Open Science

Open Science (OS) is on the rise and will change the research landscape in the next years. Many initiatives have the goal to make the entire research process more transparent and re-usable to increase the benefit of research for society. The University of Twente (UT) took note of these developments. Consequently, OS plays a key role in Shaping2030, UT's mission, vision, and strategy for 2020-2030. But don't worry, you'll never walk alone. The Open Science Community Twente is ready to help to make our research more reproducible and accessible at all stages of the research cycle, from planning to publishing and beyond.

Who we are

We are the Open Science Community Twente, an inter-disciplinary, bottom-up community to promote, learn, share, and discuss OS practices, such as

Together with the other OSCs in Europe, we aim at making OS the new norm.

image credit: Anita Eerland

What we do

Our overarching goal is to assist UT in accomplishing the transition towards OS. To facilitate the broader adoption of OS practices, we  

Target group

Although our main target groups are researchers, Ph.D. candidates, and students from UT and Saxion University, the community is not built for researchers only. We welcome everyone who is involved, for example, in policies or teaching, and would like to get started with OS or bring the existing knowledge to the next level. If you are interested in OS and looking for information, this is the place to be! The OSCT provides a space where people interested in OS can come together to

So, don't hesitate to ask a question.

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