The coordinators are in charge of organizational issues, such as planning the next meetings, communication within and outside the University of Twente, and designing this website.

dr. F. Schuberth (Florian)
Assistant Professor
Ruud Steltenpool
Saxion Research Support

I take part in the national Digital Competence Center Practice-oriented Research on the subjects of Data Science Care and FAIR data (bringing back 'semantic web' memories) and occasionally teach Carpentries ("We teach foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide") workshops.

A "usability for re-usability" mindset gave me some braindumps not yet ready for work (see my GitHub repository) and a short animation to promote the use of e-notebooks for team science (see link).

prof.dr. R. Zurita Milla (Raul)
Full Professor

I am a firm believer in Open and Team Science and one of the founder members of the Open Science Community Twente. In that capacity, I regularly contribute to the activities of INOSC, the International network of Open Science communities. I also contribute to the recently created Citizen Science & Open Science Community of Practice. Together we will make Open Science the norm.